My Favorite Monthly Subscriptions

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Welcome to 2019! It's out with the old and in with the new. New resolutions, new goals and new things to try.

Subscription boxes are some of my favorite things so I decided to compile my favorite boxes and give you some codes to get some discounts (my second favorite thing!)

I also love to save money and I will search online for coupons anytime I buy anything! My secret weapon: EBATES! To date I have saved almost $200 just by shopping through Ebates. It's a free link that you click through to the site you want to shop through. They also give you a link that you can share to save even more! Interested in trying Ebates out? Click here for an automatic $10 back on the first order you place of $25 or more.

If you want to save even more feel free to use my links that are posted with each description.

EarFleek - $3.49 per month - Shipping - Free

With this subscription, you get one pair of earrings month. This is the cheapest subscription that I get every month. It is $3.49 with free shipping. You can choose what style of earrings you prefer. There are four choices: Silly and Fun, Boho Babe, Minimalist and I Don't Give a Hoot. I personally subscribe to I Don't Give a Hoot because I like all different styles. They now offer a new Tinder-like process where you can let EarFleek know what styles you like and which ones you don't, this helps with them sending you more of the ones you love. Subscribing is easy, and if you decide that you don't want a pair every month, you can skip a month or cancel at any time. Want to give EarFleek a try? Click here, want 50% off your first month, use the code: HELLOSTUDS.

Ipsy - $10 per month - Shipping - Free

This is a beauty subscription that is mailed out every month or every other month depending on your preference. Each glam bag comes with five beauty products that are customized to you. When you sign up for Ipsy, you fill out a beauty profile with your hair, eye, skin color and the beauty products that you prefer. You can decide if you prefer to have more of a skincare bag, makeup bag or makeup tools. My subscription is a mixed bag I get a very nice variety of all products. I typically get a makeup brush, some skin care items, and 1-2 makeup items. I have gotten some of my favorite makeup brushes from Ipsy! Want to try it for yourself? Click here.

BoxyCharm - $21 a month - Shipping - Free

Full-size products Y'all! Every month you get 4-5 full-size products with a value of at least $100. $100 for $21? A deal to me! You can sign up for a monthly plan, or you can save some money by signing up for a 3, 6 or 12-month plan. The more months you subscribe to and prepay for, the more significant your discount. I subscribe for 3 months at a time because I like to switch up my subscriptions so I'll subscribe for 3 months then take a break and order a new box, but I always come back to Boxy. This is seriously my favorite beauty box, I will cancel to try other boxes but I always re-subscribe. I have never received a box from where I said "Ugh, I'm disappointed in this. This is not worth my money!" I always want to expand my beauty box subscription horizons, but this box is honestly worth every penny in my opinion. Click here to try out this awesomeness!

Scentbird - $14.95 a month - Shipping - Free

I waited quite a while before I tried this subscription and I regret waiting! I love getting perfume from my husband, but I tend to get tired of the same scent all the time. Scentbird is perfect for those that get quickly bored with the same thing all the time. Scentbird allows you to choose your scent every month. The really great part of it is that you are able to change your scent up until the processing day. I tend to move around my scents depending on the mood that I am in. Every month I try to vary the scent that I get so that every month they are vastly different so I can figure out what I like and what I don't. The average bottle that you get is supposed to last a month if you use 4 sprays every day, mine lasts longer because I don't use it every day. I wish I had signed up for this earlier than I did! Want to try it for yourself? Click here to get a free perfume for signing up!

Brandless - Varies - Shipping - Free (with qualifying order)

This probably my favorite subscription. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that because I usually post this every month that it comes in. Brandless is consistently adding to it's product lineup and it's awesome! There are items that I order every month like the Mac and Cheese because my kids love it and I don't like filling them up with preservatives. All Brandless food items are free of GMO's and most are certified organic, free of preservatives and artificial colors. They also offer beauty, pet, household and office items. I have almost completely phased Brandless items into all of my life. Face wash, shampoo and conditioner, shave gel and more. I honestly can't say enough good things about this company and their products! Did I also mention that every month with your subscription box you get a free item? Yep! A free item. Let me just tell you, I love FREE! Another great thing about Brandless is that with every order that you place they donate free meals to Feeding America. So far I have helped to donate 11 meals. Feels good to help and save money. Save $6 off your first order with this link.

BuluBox - $10 a month - Shipping - Free

This is not a beauty box subscription but a health box. There are three box options, the Original box, the Weight Loss box or the Burn Blend box. The Original and Weight Loss are both $8-$10 a month depending on how many months you sign up for, they include 4-5 vitamin and supplement samples. The Burn Blend box is $32.99 a month, but it consists of a 30 day supply of their best selling weight loss supplement along with 5-6 health products. I am currently subscribed to the Weight Loss box, and it is incredible! I have received vitamins, CHOCOLATE as well as healthy living items. In one of my first boxes, I received a Neti Pot, so it's not always just vitamins. Looking to try out something new? Click here to try it out!

I hope you try out some of these boxes and let me know if you do and what you think. I'm always looking for new subscription boxes to fall in love with so if you try any that you love or think I should try comment below!


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