Hi there!


Like you saw on the front page, I'm Sarah! I currently work at a mortgage company as a Lead Graphic Designer/Digital Marketing Coordinator.

I have always been interested in art and anything creative, so my current job fits me perfectly! 

I’m a mama to two beautifully crazy kids and a wife to a wonderful and handsome husband. E is two and L is eight going on fifteen. 

They keep me on my toes and a wine glass in my hands! They’re the reason I started this website because, while I love spending time with them, everyone needs an outlet! 

The purpose of this blog is so I can harness all of the things I enjoy into one, living space that I can change and update at will. I want to reach out to people with my "talents" and inspire others to take a little time for themselves and do something that makes them happy. Being creative with my makeup, style, trying new foods and recipes helps keep me sane when I feel like it's all just a little too chaotic. 

So I want to say welcome to my site and I appreciate you being here more than you will ever know. I hope you're inspired to make a cup of coffee, try a new makeup look or emerge yourself in a bath with your homemade bath bombs! I'd love to hear from you so feel free to leave me a message, send me an email or even a carrier pigeon! 

2018 | Chaotic Beauty | Sarah Barkume

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